Web Hosting Guide

Have an Idea of Some of the Most Affordable Web Hosting Sites



Nowadays, you will find thousands of affordable web hosting sites, and these sites happen to offer the exact same services. And so, this will get you to think on how to know which ones will give you the best results.


Looking at price alone will not be a good basis in choosing the best web hosting sites. You have to look at the value and service. But then again, there are several web ssd hosting sites that offer also both value and service. Thus we are describing here briefly some of these web hosting sites that set themselves apart from the other hosting sites.


The first web hosting site is the web hosting site that makes all the funny television commercials, composing of really beautiful ladies, however, their prices and services are not a joke at all. This web hosting site has many web hosting packages to offer and their prices start at only $1.99 per month. Given this price is just for the first three months, but, your bill will increase to a big $4.99 per month afterwards. Considering the customer that goes with this web hosting site, this is the one considered by far as the most affordable price on line nowadays. The nice thing about this particular web hosting site is that it can accommodate your needs at an affordable rate even as your website hosting needs get bigger. Consider that its most expensive hosting package is jut $14.99 every month.


Another web hosting site offers affordable prices too and their customer service is described as second to none. You can call them 24/7, 7 days per week, on their toll free number. And what is great is that you can really get to talk to a real person and not just a recorder. The cost of their hosting packages start per month at $7.47 and at most $9.97 every month. Now that is a lot of service at a very cheap price. Thus, this network gives you a savings of 25 percent even at full prices of $9.96 to $13.30 per month. They also offer you a domain name for free when you use their web hosting service, thus saves you additional money further.


The next affordable web hosting site offers their services at $12.95 per month, although not as affordable as the previous two hosting sites mentioned. This provider has 24/7 per week customer service and a toll free number, but, it has the added tools that make this site also a real affordable deal. Together with their first class service, this web hosting site gives you a site builder for free, and this will obviously help you create your website. It has other tools like interactive video tutorials that make it worthwhile for its price. Other than that, it also offers you a domain name for free if you use their hosting service.